Cartoon image of politicians from all parties

With elections gracing headlines,

Let's discuss domestic affairs.

Some are hunky-dory,

And some are nightmares.

The new talk of the town is,

How Fadnavis emerged as victor.

With NCP,Congress,Sena in pain for loss

And BJP being the inflictor.

Kalikho Pul's suicide is,

Causing a lot of stir.

They think Jallikattu is right,

But some beg to differ.

Meanwhile Akhilesh in UP,

Is stealing every heart.

But is he really afraid of,

The donkeys of Gujarat?

But the most amusing of all,

Is the Tamil Nadu affair.

Where there is little happiness

And lots of despair.

It all begins when Amma dies,

The whole of Tamil Nadu cries,

And then Sasikala arrives.

But Paneerselvam thanks his stars,

When Sasikala is put behind bars.

For, jail is what one gets,

For having disproportionate assets.

But the hottest topic of discussion,

Is still our Prime Minister.

World's most followed leader on facebook,

He still is a humble mister.

Some love him,some hate him,

How is he according to you?

Most say Modi's great,

And the 'gormint' agrees too.

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