Draupadi, a woman born from fire itself ; a princess; a lady who was the epitome of beauty and grace. She had all, but freedom. She had to marry her husband Arjuna's four brothers in order to comply with his wish. That was her very first sacrifice. Her husbands having lost everything they owned, put her at stake in a game of dice. When they lost her too,she was dragged by her hair to a courtroom full of people, only to be vilified and affronted in front of the entire kingdom. Her husbands remained mute with their heads hung low even as she was being disrobed. Her cries only being heard by the Lord but not by her husbands who had vowed to be her saviours.

   Her clothes remained, but she was stripped off her self-esteem. She lost her dignity to the blind,deaf and mute society. Once a princess, she endured fourteen years of exile and one year of being a slave. All this for husbands who thought of her as a property to be put at stake. All these sacrifices, yet only the Pandavas were hailed for their gallantry and rectitude.

   She thought she was bound by the beliefs and restrictions of her time. Sita had thought so too and so did many women. Little did they know that the atrocities continued timelessly.

          Happy Women's Day???

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