"Dadi, it's story time!" the 10 year old interjected. Sujata was a doting grandmother.She would tell engaging moral stories to her grandson during his bedtime. It soon became a daily ritual.But she was in a pickle because she had run out of stories. Not wanting to disgruntle him, she cast her eyes around for inspiration for a moral story. Her eyes landed on the newspaper lying forlorn on the nightstand, and it struck her.
   "So the main character of the story is our Prime Minister..." "Narendra Modi!" he cut in with palpable excitement. "Yes dear, very good.It so happened that a few months back he announced on T.V. that the 500 and 1000 rupee notes would be banned and new 500 and 2000 rupee notes would be made to use. This sudden announcement shook the whole country. He did this to punish the bad guys who made money using wrong means.
   The common man-like us-had to face certain problems,so the government would frequently come up with new schemes to make this easier for the public. Many criticized him for his move but that didn't affect him. He remained firm with his decision and it soon brought lots of desirable changes which made the honest public happy. The end." "So what's the moral of the story Dadi?"
   "There are several morals. Moral one:Keep your ideas hidden till the timing is right.Moral two:Change is necessary for growth. Moral three:Take criticism as a motivation to move forward.Moral four:Never quit even if the odds are against you.Moral five:Decisions taken for a good cause will always be fruitful." "I loved the story Dadi!"he beamed. She smiled at him. And that day she realised that newspapers hold the best moral stories.

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  1. Another lesson-
    Change is hard at first. Messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.
    Anyway you have a typo towards the end-'fiveDecesions'

  2. You're absolutely right. Change is gorgeous. And i corrected the typo. Thank you so much for your precious feedback :)


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