a girl running at night

I ran.
I ran from people,responsibilities, pain and everything; as fast as I could. Alleys,trees flashing by as I ran. I came to a halt at the famous hilltop; sinister yet beautiful. The valley below was even more alluring. Calling out to me. Inviting me in. I stood at the edge. One more step and I'd be free. Free from the shackles of life.

   One more step and the pain will be over. Just one tiny step towards the wonderful abyss...A tap on my shoulder shook me out of my reverie. A cold hand rested on my shoulder. A girl as pale as the moon stood before me.Her pale face gleaming in the moonlight. I shivered, suddenly realising how cold the night was."Why are you doing this?"she asked quietly. The concern in her voice contrasted the aloofness of her tone. "I want to be free.Only death can give freedom."I said.

   "Even death cannot give you the freedom you seek." she said.Sadness apparent in her voice."You're wrong" I said. I turned around and jumped.
    But she was right...

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