The day she had been waiting for, had finally arrived. It was a special day. She had to look her best. The pictures she took had to be perfect. So she pulled out that red and gold saree from her wardrobe with a newfound resolve to look like a queen. When she was done she looked in the mirror. She saw a totally different person stare back at her from the mirror. The girl in the mirror looked nothing short of breathtaking.      

   Her eyeliner was on fleek, making an ordinary pair of eyes an extraordinary spectacle. Her lips, a bold red, an insight of her true self; wild and audacious. Her skin looked dewy and flawless,  primed to perfection. With a gorgeous Bindi donned on her forehead and the exquisite gold earrings, she looked like a damsel clad in her best. Her hair was coaxed into a loose updo with a few wisps of hair hanging loose, framing her face.     

   A ghost of a smile played on her lips.The aesthetically pleasing creature in the mirror looked at her with approval. She was thoroughly satisfied with how she looked. Smiling to herself, she set forth to reach the venue. When she reached there she saw a whole bunch of suave men and charming ladies dressed in all their finery. They all showered her with compliments, and she reciprocated.     

Each and everyone was all smiles that day and the pictures turned out just as impeccable as she had imagined, if not more. "This is all so surreal" she mused. That indeed, was the best saree day she'd had in her four years of engineering. Her one last time was definitely not the least!



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