They wanted peace,amity,equality,openness,cultural safety; things that many promised but only few delivered.They yearned for more positive change.The times were happy but they wanted happier, more blissful times.They wanted their women safer and their men more respectful and gentlemanly.   
    The irony however was that they chose apartheid,hatred,sexism,chaos,racism,prejudice,xenophobia.They chose a person who was an embodiment of all that they stood against.The irony again was that they regretted their choice.They feared that history would repeat itself and they would perish;as did the German jews who put their faith in the wrong person.

   The name that once brought a smile to children's faces as  'Donald The Duck, , was now the cause of everyone's dread as 'Donald trump The POTUS'

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  1. Bold words! Nice

  2. I'd have regretted if I hadn't read this wonderful
    words of yours. Superb.


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