One word,a hundred emotions;

With a deep meaning and several notions.

For some it's effortless,

For some it's work;

For some a weakness,

For others a perk.

I say it's a bond;strong yet frail,

If nurtured it'll grow

And if neglected, will fail.

In a life full of sorrows,

Friendship is solace.

Amidst everything temporary,

Friendship stands ageless.

A human is a friend and so is a pet,

Friendship doesn't discriminate;

It is a man's greatest asset.

But now,superficial being the new trend,

A friend isn't always a godsend.

In a world full of fake friends,

It's hard to find a real one.

As it is to find meaning,

In a shitload of jargon.

So if you do find one,

Hold on tight; never let go.

Set that ego aside,

And let your love and affection show.

So Friendship,I want to embrace thee!

Because life is short,

And tomorrow may or may not be.

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