A minute ago all was spinning and everything had gone black, Maria  thought. But now her head was hurting from all the spinning and so were her eyes. The surroundings were too bright. Her eyes took a while to open up fully and adjust to the bright surroundings. But what she saw made her eyes pop to the size of saucers. Her jaw dropped at the sight in front of her
. It was an exotic island with the sun shining blindingly in the sky and the picturesque lakes with their crystal clear water reflecting the clear blue sky above. Trees unusually short but exceptionally beautiful, were a sight to behold. But were these trees and lakes ordinary? Hell no! What made her jaw go slack was the peculiarity of this strange island.
   The various trees here instead of leaves,branches and flowers, sported shoes! All kinds of shoes ranging from sports shoes, kicks,sandals to gorgeous stilettos,wedges etc. in all shapes and colours. Louboutins and Jimmy Choos were hanging invitingly from the trees, waiting to be plucked. The rocks and boulders here were made of shiny stylish rings and bracelets which sparkled when sunlight bounced off them. At the bottom of the shallow lakes were some of the most glamorous cocktail dresses, one pieces and gowns she'd ever laid her eyes on. In one of the other numerous lakes she saw sinfully stylish and chic gym clothes. Maria remembered all the times her credit card had been rejected while trying to buy expensive gym clothing. This island was a shopaholic's paradise. The collection of shoes, accessories and clothes here was better than ten New York Fashion Weeks put together.
   Not able to contain her excitement, she hopped to a nearby tree and plucked out a pair of scarlet Louboutins and put them on. Surprisingly, they fit perfectly. But a moment later they vanished from her legs- nearly making her lose her balance- and appeared right where they were on the tree. "Of course" she thought "This is all too good to be true" The same transpired when she tried on many other items. "Urghh. What do I do now?" she cried out and held up her hands in exasperation. Just then she saw a man. The island wasn't nearly as peculiar as the man standing in front of her. He had a bubblegum pink moustache,a full green mane and was dressed in a Jack Sparrow resembling pirate outfit. "What are you?" Maria asked, horrified at his appearance.
To that, he just chuckled. "That's not important. You want these items permanently don't you?"
To this Maria frantically nodded her head.
"They're free of cost but ironically they come at a price"
"What price?" asked Maria curiously, all thoughts about his appalling appearance forgotten. "The price my lady, is a game. If you win you take all you want  home." "And if I lose?" asked Maria.
"Then you'll never be able to leave this place" he smiled.

Hello happy souls,

Hope you're enjoying so far. The third installment will have a lot of action. A lot! Yippieee. Tell me in the comments below what you think the game might be. Also let me know if you want me to write other fantasy stories in the future. Drop your suggestions in the comment section.
Lots of love,

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