Dear Bestfriend, 

    I'm writing this note to let you know how special you are and how much I value your presence in my life.You'll find by reading further, that this note is so much more than a mere token of appreciation. Nonetheless, I'd like to start by thanking you for being my best friend for these exciting, boisterous and equally strenuous years of engineering. I cannot imagine how difficult and nerve-racking it was for you to put up with such a hyper, narcissistic, talkative and edgy person as me. But you still stuck by me all these years. Surviving through a tumult of assignments and vivas, those mind-numbingly boring lectures and nerve-racking semester exams would've been impossible to get through for me, without you and your comforting words .Those exorbitant shopping sprees, ridiculously elaborate dress up sessions for the festivals, silly comb fights, amazing birthday parties and those embarrassing Snapchat selfies with appalling filters will be etched in my mind till eternity.

    And now coming to the main purpose behind this letter. These college days were fun and buoyant with very less days of worry. But as we grow up, life will throw challenges for us which will require lot of forbearance. There will come times in life where you'd want to give up on your dreams.You'll see the life you put together so meticulously, crumbling around you. During such times I want you to just hold on to the shreds and pull yourself together because you are one brave woman. I see a lot of potential in you dear friend.

    I have faith that you will be very successful one day. So the next time you feel put down or ready to give up just remember that what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. Hold on tight, for those who persist, exist. Have a little faith, and it'll all turn out just fine.I want you to read my letter whenever you doubt your abilities.I don't know for how long we might stay in touch.So even when I'm not around, I want my wishes to stay with you forever. I wish the best for you and will always remain,


Yours truly,


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  1. Very appealing and thoughtful.

  2. Nice work girl.. Could relate to it on multiple levels

  3. This is so sweet :* and praise thebest friend for being with you throughout ! You're so hard to be with :3
    Kidding . You write so well Tanviiii

  4. Inspirational and passionate writing!


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