I've often read and heard that boring lectures can be made interesting by telling a story. Please don't run away folks. This is going to be anything but boring. I promise that thou shalt enjoy reading today's article. It'll give you something to mull over, this Saturday. This article might either stir a heated argument, or an intelligent discussion involving  myriad views. Either way, you'll be compelled to do something that you don't usually do. Thinking... Just kidding. So let me start with the story before I offend any more people. This is the story of an adorable little girl named Julie. Julie was a very sensitive child. Some would say she was too empathetic for her age. "Daddy that piggy is so cute. Can we keep it? I,ll name it Chuckles" she chimed, hopping excitedly.
"Sure sweetheart.It's your birthday.Now honey,pick Chuckles up. We've to hurry home. Your mom has made something special for dinner today"
The dinner table was set.Julie was practically bouncing with excitement as she introduced Chuckles to her mom.
"Can I feed Chuckles some pork too mommy?It might be hungry"
"No honey,it's wrong.You see pork is pig meat." she said with an apologetic smile. Julie was aghast. She burst into tears and held Chuckles close.
"Oh no mommy! That's wrong.We cannot eat other people's pets"
    The sight of the piglet and their four year old's tears, taught them a lesson for a lifetime. Now,I hardly think that any of the meat-eating readers here will have had an epiphany like Julie's parents. No worries. You might change your mind by the end of this article..hopefully.
  A few questions first.

   If your answer is yes for either of these questions, then let me ask you one more question. Would you eat your pets or any member of your family? I genuinely hope that it is safe to assume your answer is no to this one. If you cannot eat your dog or your cat, then how can you devour a fish or a pig or a cow  or poultry animals for that matter, with a clean conscience?  The difference is only in their anatomy and your perspective.
   If you're sick of the sentimental shit vegetarians try throwing in your face, then read on. Non vegetarians often have a very cliche point in their arguments, that alone abets their meat-eating theory .They say that eating plants is also killing. Why is killing plants any different than killing animals. Here is how it is different.
Plants are not uprooted for the sake of consumption:The fruits,vegetables or leaves are removed from the plant/tree for eating. We don't kill the entire plant just to eat a fruit. The plant lives on. And while the sole purpose of fruits and vegetables is regrowth of plants via seeds, eating them fulfills that purpose. If we do not eat fruits or vegetables, they'll eventually be eaten by other insects anyway. Animals on the other hand are killed.They can die a natural death if not eaten by either humans or predators.
Plants feel less pain: Plants being lowest on the food chain only have the sense of touch . So they feel very less physical pain and no emotional pain. While animals, being higher on the food chain experience immense physical and emotional pain due to their complex sensory structure. They also have emotional connect with their families: something which plants don't experience.
Plants are not kept in pathetic prison like conditions: Plants, unlike animals are not bred for slaughter their entire life since they were born; locked up in prisons and away from family. They grow up in a nice airy environment.

Global Warming: Meat production requires a much higher amount of water than vegetables. IME states that to produce 1kg of meat water required is somewhere between 5000 to 12000 litres. In fact it causes more global warming than emission from vehicles.

Also hypothetically if giants were to exist on earth, would you rather that they ate humans? Would that, according to you be a perfectly normal 'choice'?

   Lastly I'd just like to say one thing ladies and gentleman; especially ladies. Most models and well-known actors are gravitating towards veganism because it does wonders for your skin and slows ageing. You can look 'Forever 21' .Sounds tempting right?  

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  1. Lovely article. Thought provoking❤

  2. Very nice article. The world must know that consuming meat is harmful to the environment

  3. Yes you're absolutely right Rashmi Shah. Thanks a lot for supporting my views on veganism :)


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