Two hands(one young and one old)
    Reverse- such a beautiful word; charismatic. To reverse is to turn upside down, turn over, upend, upturn, put bottom up, flip over, turn topsy-turvy, invert, capsize and much more according to google. The enormity of the significance of this word hit me one day when I was sitting in the garden on the lush green grass, and amongst an excess amount of toddlers playing, screaming and running around, with their parents on their heels. It was a beautiful windy day and I was sitting with my friends, chilling on a beautiful Sunday evening.

   Suddenly my friend piped up "Hey guys. I was just thinking how life would be if we were to age backwards." "As in getting younger day by day?" I asked. "Yes something of that sort." For me time just stopped in that moment. And a very amusing and fascinating memory popped into my head. The memory of me reading an article about the very same topic on the internet somewhere. I vaguely remembered the article written by Woody Allen on Goodreads.

   The flow of the article replayed in my head - We wake up from the dead; old, frail and extremely sick. We wake up opening our eyes to a brand new world with colours, fragrances, sounds, people, animals and plants. Our senses grow stronger with every passing day; being able to discern the world with more and more clarity of thought. Each day is a step forward to a better and younger, healthier future. What a win win! As we grow younger, we have more energy but also more stress and more work. Life has progressed from being on a wheelchair; not being able to move a muscle, to being up and about each day on our own two feet. Hustling each day with the intent of just working, and not for securing the future. The future is the teenage. Ahh! wonderful times. Parties, dates, sparkly clothes, prohibited fantasies, alcohol, concerts and what not. It's like a well deserved break from all the hustle and bustle of the past. High school is a breeze and so is school. We pass this phase with a lightening speed, buzzing through energetically as if high on weed (no pun intended). The childhood brings in even more fun. The  toys, video-games and the playground are suddenly a lot more interesting than hashtags, relationships, social media and a new founded liking for alcohol and grass(yes we're talking about coriander, kids). Becoming a toddler, from a hyper, high functioning monster kid also doesn't take time. Slowly we start becoming happier. We speak less and giggle more. We now have four legs instead of two. We crawl and poop and pee wherever we like(Urghhh gross). The freedom is immense and we're the happiest and the cutest creatures alive(besides hamsters, ponies and unicorn babies). We then become even more little; and then some more- then some more. We're then pea-sized inside a container full of strange liquids and mushy body parts and then BOOM! We're a sperm again!

   As I was lost in my own absurd thoughts my friend nudged me in the ribs painfully and that brought me back to reality. "Sorry Tan, you wouldn't come out of your Wonderland even with a magnitude 7 earthquake. So the nudge was necessary" she gave me a wicked grin. That jerk! That day I learnt some very powerful things. Here's some food for thought-
1. In reverse reality there are only good things in the past and even better things in the future.
2. The only thing stopping us is the uncertainty of the future and the nightmares of the past.
3. Believe as if you're ageing backwards, because thoughts become things more often than not.
4. Believe that you're going to be able to party like teenagers and laugh like children.
5. Learn to live in the present and don't worry about the future. It's as bright as a rainbow; if only you believe.
6. Age is just a number. Life can be reversed just as easily as our thoughts.
7. Looking at life upside down may actually be a solution to all of your problems.
I just sat there twirling my hair and lost in thoughts of how I'll change my life. I told my conscience "So hey, Reverse psychology is actually a thing! (pun intended)." At this she just made a face and said something that suspiciously sounded like "Unfunny"

Hey guys,
I'm sorry for not uploading any story/article for more than 2 weeks. I had my end of term semester exams to write and they go on for a month(Sad life of an Engineer). Let me know how you like today's article. I really hope I made it up for two weeks by writing an extra long article(If you don't agree, then now's the time to speak). Comment below your thoughts regarding this article. I have an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT to make. Yes you heard  it right!! I'll be starting 'Wednesday Winspiration' -An inspiration to WIN, which will feature inspiring articles and stories to keep you going with full vigor. Until next time guys.
Lots of love,

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  1. Hahahahha.. You meant 'Superb what a story'. Smart :D Thanks a lot :)

  2. Really thought provoking...
    As well as a nice conversation starter.;)

  3. Nice work there


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