Did you do the task I gave unto you?
Did you follow your dreams, not all but few.

Did you love the people I wanted you to
Did you take that chance before it flew?

Did you walk the easy path,
Or did you walk the right one
Or did you fail,
And came undone?

My nightmares often show me
The darkest day in heaven.
When the God wants an account,
Of all that I have done,
To follow my dreams and fulfil my duty
But my dreams didn't manifest,not even one.

It scares me to no end
To see the world fly,
While I do nothing
When the opportunities have gone by.

O Father give me the strength,
To die not till I rise,
To the heights I was meant to reach
Or rise higher otherwise.

Help me O Lord!
To stand strong in catastrophe.
Save me and my talents,
From the tough hold of atrophy.

When the Devil freezes my dreams,
I want to breathe fire.
I never want to fall short of
The lust,hunger and audacity to aspire.

I'd rather not pass up
My one fighting chance;
To shine and rise till,
The world clamours for my glance.

They call me whimsical
For dreaming so tall.
God wants me to do great things
So I cannot afford to dream small.

In the purpose of my life
If I easily persist,
The darkest day in heaven
Would cease to exist.
                      -Tanvi Shah

Hello lovely people,
Today's food for thought-
If you're aiming at nothing, you always hit the mark. 
Sad but true. It is better to dream for the moon and end up on the stars, than to dream for nothing and stay where you are. Tell me in the comments below what you think.
Until next time people. Stay Fabulous :)
Lots of love,

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