quote about happiness

"What is happiness?" the ever curious Jigyasa, asked the others seated on the cool damp grass under a canopy of bright stars on a cold night.
Her curious brown eyes assessing the others with an air of excitement and increasing inquisitiveness. After a momentary silence Suraj spoke, his smile brightening the dark night:

"For me happiness is light. I believe that light, as that which emanates from the Sun has the power to brighten even the remotest of corners on the earth. The Sunlight cuts through the darkness of the night, filled with countless nightmares; and brings hope and happiness."

"Night is for dreamers." quipped Chandani, looking at the moon reverently. "Night brings peace and calm to those troubled melancholy souls who crave for a respite from their hustle. Happiness for me is peace and tranquillity." Wind swept her raven hair, revealing a beautiful pale face, still looking dreamily towards the sky.

"I agree with Chandani" came Sapna's low, seductive almost dreamy voice; as if lulling someone to sleep. "Nights are for dreamers. Happiness for me is dreaming.  Dreams bring about things that reality is unable to conjure."

"Dreams," said Vijay; loud and clear "are just a manifestation of the fragments of our unfulfilled desires. Winners, however, are equipped to make their dreams a reality. Happiness for me is winning, conquering unscalable heights and making the impossible possible. Victory is happiness and happiness is victory."

Sapna looked sullenly at Vijay's smug expression with some resentment. "Relax folks! Don't get all worked up!!" The palpable tension in the silent air was broken by Payal loud child-like voice; the ever optimistic creature who appeared to be on a sugar rush all day.

"Happiness for me is the sweet cacophony of the mingled sounds of chirping birds, lapping sea-waves, the traffic and the gust of wind. Happiness for me is feeling the life around me by listening; hearing the life around me take a collective breath."

"Why only listen to life, why not smell the essence of it too?" Everyone looked at Khushboo with awe as she gracefully pirouetted on the grass; the swirl of her colourful skirt giving the appearance of a giant multicoloured flower. Her eccentricity always set her apart from the others in the group. "The smell of the damp earth, the aroma emanating from a bakery, the fragrance of a loved one's clothes is happiness for me."

"What is it for you two?" Jigyasa asked the twins.

"Revolution" said Kranti, "Prayer" said Pooja.
"Change is the only constant. Nothing brings me more happiness than witnessing fundamental change for the greater good."
"God provides me with freedom, purpose and immense happiness in return for just my faith. He says, 'Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.' "

The myriad of answers put Jigyasa in a fix. Looking at the sky and enjoying the recurring silence she made a mental note to travel to a new land in a pursuit of happiness to satiate her curiosity.

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