Mumbai Rains

Cynicism is unfortunately ingrained in today's youth as a result of bad situations which have befallen those who trust too much or are generally gullible or even helpful to other fellow human beings. We have often heard of things like a lady imploring someone to help her with her heavy luggage, only to abscond later while leaving a bag full of explosives in the poor unsuspecting person's hands. Or something like a man offering to help a lost child find his or her way home, but in turn kidnapping them turning them into beggars. Sounds horrible, doesn't it?

There are countless such harrowing examples of the world's horrors which I can lay bare before you. But I gather that none of you is in a mood to read any more depressing stuff than there already is in the newspapers and on the internet. Also given the fact that this is supposed to be a positive article, I'd deem it fit to stop with all the negative stuff already.
Offering to or accepting help from, a stranger for that matter fills us with frightful and suspicious thoughts. And we are not wrong to think so given the fact that so many people these days are driven more by motives than by morals. What their motive might be after asking for or offering help, we don't know.

But every now and then Mother Nature offers us a hiatus from being cynical. At times like these, there is hardly any place for mistrust. I'm talking about the torrential rains in Mumbai yesterday where the true spirit of hope and help were showcased by thousands of Mumbaikars. The feeling of hope and palpable positivity is attributed to such contingencies which bring adversity and also a rare streak of unity amongst the people who are busy being self-indulgent and selfish their entire life.
It was raining cats and dogs yesterday and people were waddling through the knee deep(neck deep in some places) waters of Mumbai to seek shelter. The locomotives were shut down, all the means of public transport deadlocked on the roads, moving at an ant's pace were hardly any hope for the people to reach their homes safely. The thought of being stranded on jam packed railway platforms, streets etc were hounding the Mumbaikars. Their spirits dampened just like their now soaking clothes. The relentless winds blew away many umbrellas also taking away with them the hopes of many. And that's when the help came. In the form of messages on social media and Whatsapp offering destinations for overnight stay and food. People posting their own addresses on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat so that the ones stranded in their area could crash at their place.

And people without being the least bit cynical about it took help. The families back home, waiting for their loved ones to reach safely home breathed the sigh of relief when they heard from them from a safe warm place. What I'm trying to tell here is that despite our minimal amount of faith in humanity, it exists. 'Don't trust blindly' they used to say and now they say 'Don't trust even with eyes open'. While this advice is practical, it's always important to have a little faith. Have faith that things will turn out just fine. I believe what we think is what we attract. I'm all for 'The law the attraction' which says we attract what we put our thoughts to. So have faith and the Universe will bring you things, circumstances and people worth having faith in.

Hey my lovelies,
I'm back at it after a long break. It wasn't a very good time but gave me pretty good knowledge about my preferences in life. Anywho I am happy I am back and I hope you're having a good time. I'm rambling again -_- So guys let me know about your experiences(if any) in the rains yesterday in the comments below. Also, you can shower me with overdue love( as if I need to become any more narcissistic than I am) and can tell me how you missed me(again rambling). So before I go overboard with my senseless maunderings I'll bid you farewell. Keep safe, plan ahead.
P.S. Despite this not being an inspirational article exactly, I figured a Winspirational Wednesday would be the best time to write about yesterday.
Lot's of love,

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  1. Very well written . Keep writing more often . All the best ☺️☺️

    1. Thank you so much❤ Yes I will update more often now. Will stick to my Saturday- Wednesday routine.

  2. Great article ! Really liked the way you have highlighted the positivity of offering and seeking stranger help .

    I've got to praise Navi Mumbai's authorities for planning the city well. Although it was raining cats and dogs , very less no. of areas were waterlogged.

    Was closely watching the situation in Mumbai and prayed for everyone's safety. I truly appreciated the 'Mumbai spirit ' where random strangers had offered unconditional help to fellow citizens.

    1. Thanks a ton. Yes mumbai being a lot more crowded than Navi Mumbai was under more pressure. I appreciate that you prayed for everyone's safety :)

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