Happy to Bleed

   Let's talk about pads. Not the ones that go on the knees or the ones available in stationery stores. Nope. We'll talk about those unfortunate ones that sit forlornly in the corners of a bustling medical store, waiting to be whisked away stealthily
in black polythene bags by hypocritical customers. Why hypocritical you might ask. Because they'll ask for toilet paper loud enough to rouse the rain Gods and will barely 'whisper' about wanting pads. Where's the microphone that you swallowed, now, huh?

   Now I don't mean to make anybody uncomfortable here. I know some people can get a little freaked out while talking about blood; especially when it comes out of unconventional places on a monthly basis. That is exactly why people are more comfortable buying adult diapers than they are buying a pack of pads. I mean why not. Peeing your pants at eighty is more natural than bleeding out of your hoo-ha right? Let's talk about governments. In India, there is a 12 percent GST tax on sanitary pads and no tax on brooms. I think what they're trying to say is 'Keep your homes and the country clean. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is about Clean India, who cares about personal hygiene anyway.'

   Let's take America for instance. They have no tax on Viagra, but sanitary pads are taxed. It apparently is more important for people to get their.... umm..let's keep this article PG-13. So what I am trying to say here is that pads are just as much a necessity as a broom or groceries. If little finger-shaped pieces of latex can be freely available throughout a country then even pads should be. The country's population is increasing in spite of these efforts anyway.

   It is time women in India and also worldwide take a stand. Every woman, rich or poor has a right to pads. Village girls drop out of school once they start with their periods. What is the use of  'right to education' when they are too embarrassed to even show up at school? It shouldn't be a taboo subject. It is just blood people. It is just as natural as sweat or, or poop. An Olympic runner who pooped his pants and still completed the race is being called a hero. It is about time women embrace the fact that it is normal and not something 'impure' as some with pea-sized brains might suggest. Raise your voice and DO NOT whisper. Period.
So ladies, strap on your shoes, jump and dance. Let's paint the town red(no pun intended)

Here are sites where you can donate pads

Please donate guys. You can help unprivileged girls live better, more hygienic lives.
Here's some excellent information about menstrual hygiene

Hey guys,
I'm sure you might've watched the trailer of  Akshay Kumar's Padman. Such a wonderful thought-provoking idea behind it. Indian cinema is definitely getting more experimental right? What do you guys think about this man's story? Being ostracised from his village, abandoned by his own wife (women can sure get crazy sometimes) and then being given a Padma Shri. This whole thing inspired me to do an article about pads and menstrual awareness. Tell me in the comments below about the article and about your views regarding menstrual hygiene. Till next time people.
Lots of love,
Tanvi  XO

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  1. Very bold (much needed) & clear article.. Keep it up girl ✌️

  2. Too good,girl.Keep the good work going. Keep on inspiring and impressing people through your writing.

    1. Thank you thank you thank you soo much❤❤❤❤

  3. It's really very inspiring and eye opener ! Keep up the good work ! All the best .

  4. Nice oneπŸ‘ Keep the good work coming in!

  5. Well done, Tanvi...this article is definitely gonna help to change the reviews of people regarding menstruation! πŸ™Œ

    1. Hopefully :) Thank you Rutuja , for your kind words❤

  6. Another brilliant and eloquently written article! Your consistency in publishing, without compromising with quality, has always made me jealous! Anyway, I would love to read more and more such articles from you! Please do keep writing Tanvi. Cheers! :)

    1. Wow! Your comments always make me smile. Thanks neeraj :D


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