Be a meme


They say 'Be the smartest person in the room', I say 'Be the funniest'
-Tanvi Shah

In the society today where,
Being doctors and engineers is the new theme
I ask you
Why not be a meme?

They say laughter can cure anything
It indeed is the best medicine
Memes make people laugh;
So instead of being a doctor why not be a meme.

You’d say I’ve lost my mind
But just first hear me out
A smile’s prettier than a pout.
If it makes people grin and beam,
Why not be a meme

We live in times where,
Memes are trendy
And so are depression and anxiety
Where frowns are sexy
And smiles are tacky

Where rich is the new happy,
Earning money the whole point
I call it the rat race
It does nothing but disappoint

So the next time someone laughs at you
Instead of being angry
Drop everything and you do it too!!
Because life’s too short
To scowl and sneer
They make those unruly winkles appear

So go be a meme, make’em all happy
Even if they call you stupid and sappy
Coz it’s a much better tradeoff
Than being smart and snappy.

In a desert full of sand
Be a stream
In a market full of greens
Be a jar of delicious cream
In a night full of nightmares
Be a hopeful dream

Go make people smile, laugh and scream.
Go make those pearly whites gleam
Go, be a meme!!

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