Are we plastic?


What’s one thing common between the greatest chick flick of the century and the plastic ban?
Okay, maybe this was a tad bit confusing.
Okay, baby steps. What is the greatest chick flick of the century? If you answer “Veere di wedding” I suggest you stop reading right now. Because that, my dear friends isn’t even a movie. It’s just a self-righteous expression of pseudo-feminism which was a lousy comeback for Kareena Kapoor’s barely there abs and an excuse for the director to portray a bunch of uptown girls as badass women just because they drink and upchuck a couple of profanities every now and then. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

The answer I was looking for was “Mean girls”  So people who’re familiar with Regina George and her dumb sidekicks know the answer to my first question. The one thing common between Mean Girls and the plastic ban is The Plastics. For those of you who don’t know, “The plastics are defined as shiny, superficial elements with excellent adaptability to change form(mostly colours) according to the environmental conditions. I’m sure more than one name comes to mind while hearing words like shiny, superficial and changing colours. We are surrounded by plastics; rich people with flashy things, fake smiles and an exceeding predilection for hypocrisy. The recent ‘bad and boujee’ trope is roping in tons of otherwise savvy teenagers into going after all these stupid trends of smoking, drink till you drop, dry humping total strangers in a godforsaken club with distasteful music! There is nothing cool about cursing like a sailor after every goddamn word.

This is why I despise movies like “Veere di wedding” that throw in a plethora of swear words to up the cool quotient and the IMDB.
Millenials like me grew up watching cartoons and shows about a nice, helpful and kind protagonist, up against a superficial, hypocritical and ungrateful antagonist. We all hoped one day to become like the kind, forgiving protagonist but unfortunately we millennials are becoming exceedingly plastic. There are three signs that you are turning plastic:

1. You feel the need to show off more and more
2. You feel the need to do something you’re not comfortable with, just to fit in.
3. Instead of bettering yourself, you feel the need to bring down the ones doing better than you.

If you are turning plastic I just have three things to say to you-
  • Show off and the people who hate you will hate you more and the ones who like you will like you less
  • If you were meant to fit in, you’d have been born as a puzzle piece
  • You can only bring down so many people before someone out of 7 billion will get ahead of you.

So if you have any friend or family member turning plastic, stop pandering to their baser instincts and take action. Tell them what truly matters and what doesn’t. In the end, we’re all prodigal sons who are destined to return to the things that matter. So it is up to us whether to return sooner or later.

Now just to put it out there, I might’ve sounded like a self-righteous killjoy but I promise you I’m not. I like to have fun too and just like a normal teenager I have a fair share of crazy experiences under my belt. But apart from giving you a ton of anxiety, your early twenties happen to give you a lot of perspective too. We 20 somethings might look like we have our shit together, but we don’t. We still don’t know what’s right for us, but we know what’s not right too.

So here’s some advice from a recovering plastic - Do not try to mould yourself according to society’s expectations of what’s ‘trending’. If you have plastic friends, cut them loose and give your attention to people worthy of your friendship. If this is too ‘Papa don’t preach’ for you here’s some practical advice: Meditate- It helps you to discover yourself and stay grounded and also helps with frustration, fits of rage, PMS induced anger. Plus most billionaires swear by it! Win win!

Hey guys,
First things first peeps, I might've been brutal in my judgement of a certain movie and yet I don't entirely despise the use of swearing where need be; and not just to portray a woman as independent and a staunch feminist. This topic was a grey area for me to write upon so I leave it to you for judgement. Let me know your honest views in the comment section. 
Until next time,
Lots of love
Tanvi x
P.s. If you haven't watched mean girls, do yourself a favour and please watch it. It's hilarious.

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  1. Very well said about the plastic peeps . Nice going . Keep writing frequently


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