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the pink tax

Disclaimer: My name is Tanvi and I’m not a feminist(Any Shahrukh fans? No? Just me then)

I’m all for equal rights for women and all of that good stuff but if there is an “I hate most women on this planet” club somewhere, I’d be more than happy to join. But that’s a story for another time(If you’re really curious as to the reason, I’ll give you a hint for now: Local trains. Go figure). Despite my spite for most women on this planet, ironically I happen to be one. That being said, we’ll talk about something that explains the disclaimer. We’ll talk about some very bizarre and interesting things today that’ll compel your grey matter to do something unusual; thinking. Just kidding! Through the years, women have been victims of lots of different types of gaps like the thigh gap; thick-headed men disliking thick-thighed women. How fitting.

But as the time went by women became more accepting towards their non-existent thigh gaps, but now there are other gaps to deal with like the wage gap. Now in sophisticated workplaces, the “21st-century woman” has to deal with the wage gap. On the brighter side women would have one more excuse for behaving like a shrew, apart from the classic “Sorry but it’s that time of the month again”. Women in the entertainment industry have therefore made it a point to not get hitched unless they’re older than 30 or broke. But apparently, the industry outsmarts them still by paying their white-haired, 20 years older male counterparts more. And the cherry on the cake is that in interviews, Captain America and Iron Man get asked political, existential questions and Black Widow has to answer questions about what kind of underwear she wears under her badass black catsuit. Here’s a link to the video:

 They call us the fairer gender, but ironically there’s nothing fair about the way we get treated. Maybe that’s because fairness in remuneration is weighed against fairness in complexion(Again, I’m not racist. They call us the fairer gender based on skin colour. Pinky swear!) The age gap is another strong contender in the “Game of Gaps” (Brace yourself, marriage is coming) Although this only applies to most Indian women, it’s still a gap that’s here to stay. Because in India gaps widen, minds don’t. So Alia and Ranbir’s couple makes fans all mushy on the inside despite a 10-year gap but people think of Priyanka Chopra as a cougar on the prowl for dating a 10 year younger Nick Jonas. 

And don’t even get me started on the eyebrow gap. It’s goddamn difficult to pluck the bejesus outta your eyebrows and then draw em back on! Since brows alone are making people famous overnight, we can’t help but want the perfect ‘arch’ right?
Now I know what the guys who’ve read on till here with occasional bursts of indignant snorting and eye-rolling must think of me and this article. ‘This chick is conceited and is very much a feminist despite the denial. And this article is the same sort of crap that most Magazines and newspapers print when they’ve run out of all saucy political gossip.’

Well, I’d usually make a witty remark after this but I’ve got to include a very interesting video about “The Pink Tax” which is one of the things that inspired this article.

The second amazingly funny article that inspired this post is this :

Also if you think I am being sexist and unfair to men, I am not. This is my other favourite article about the other side of the coin.

 Maybe I’ll do one about it myself. Let me know in the comments below if you want me to write one.

Hey guys,
I know most of you might construe this as a rant more than a meaningful unbiased article; and maybe, just maybe it's true in a way. I am not blaming men for this, just the way that society thinks and believes. Men have their fair share of problems too. But as dismal as this may sound, this belief system goes way back and it will prevail, maybe more in some places than others. This article might not change the beliefs long ingrained into people, but this might just as well tell kind, deserving and talented women that they shouldn't take things to heart. It's the society's problem, not theirs. 
Until we meet next time,
Lots of love,
A non-feminist Tanvi x

P.S. Girls if you wanna save some money, shop in the men's section. Happy shopping!

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  1. I don't think any guy who actually read it, should think of this as a rant, you just expressed what the reality is and they were all facts, no personal opinions. So if someone feels that this was a feminist rant, either he is ignorant of whats going on in the world or he lacks an open mind.

    PS: It was a pleasure reading this. A friend suggested me to read your blogs.


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